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Savannah’s Best Local Pumpkin Patches – District


Written by Ally Miller-Henson. Artwork by Megan Hohl.

Living in America’s most haunted town gives Savannah the spookiest inspiration for our fall preparations, including the pumpkin patch. As we celebrate harvest and Halloween seasons, we need to make sure we support local small farms. Including these small businesses in our Pumpkin Party will spread the fall festivities and ensure they continue to host events for years to come.

Poppell Farms

Distance: 90 minutes

The farthest pumpkin patch from Savannah is Poppell Farms, which is hosting a fall harvest celebration October 1-30! The farm offers daytime and nighttime events, including a variety of attractions. You can catch many classic events during the day or the Flashlight Maze and Haunted Trail at night.

Holiday farms

Length: 45 mins

Holiday Farms offers many attractions besides pumpkin picking, including a speedway and steer-rope. They also have a general store, where you can buy local handicrafts and merchandise. Live entertainment is offered on weekends. Tickets to enter the farm are $15 per person over two years old.

Madrac Farms

Distance: 40 mins

Madrac Farms are open this fall for their twelfth pumpkin patch season this year! This family farm offers many attractions and photo opportunities for its guests. The farm has goats, chickens and ducks to meet and feed on your journey and a corn nursery. Admission to this farm is $10 per person over the age of three. They suggest customers come early in the season if they want a homemade pumpkin or later in the season to take advantage of the cool fall weather.

Ottawa Farms

Distance: 25 minutes

The final and closest farm I found is Ottawa Farms, which opened for this season on October 15th. Not only does this farm feature many classic fall attractions and a pumpkin patch, but as October turns into November, Ottawa Farms will be hosting a Pro Rodeo. This event will take place on November 4th and 5th and will bring classic farm fun beyond the Halloween season!

Photo courtesy of Southern Trippers.