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Sqid signs an agreement with the company Metavesre “Tagspace”


MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA/ACCESSWIRE/March 24, 2022/SQID Technologies Limited SQID. is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with tagSpace Pty Ltd (tagSpace). As part of this agreement, SQID and TAGSPACE will jointly examine opportunities for expansion and capitalization on opportunities in the “E-sports” market segments. As part of signing this deal, SQID invested A$100,000 in a cryptocurrency ITO undertaken by tagSpace.

Athan Lekkas, President and CEO of Sqid Technologies, said today:

“tagSpace gives people the tools to create, share and monetize augmented reality content for Web 3.0 as well as a web browser to view and interact with that content, all overlaid on the real world using technology tagSpace is like a combination of Canva/ Squarespace (for creating content) and Google Chrome (for displaying content), but for Web 3.0.

tagSpace’s proprietary platform offers Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, designed specifically to allow anyone to create their own city-scale AR experiences in less than an hour, with no code required. tagSpace has been in business for 7 years, is backed by renowned investors and already has great clients. All of its underlying technology is already on the market, operational and demonstrable today. tagSpace offers the opportunity to invest in an established company that sits at the intersection of 3 growing markets; Metaverse, Web 3.0 and augmented/mixed reality.

Existing tagSpace customers include Telstra, Deutsche Telekom, Destination NSW, QLD Government as well as numerous music festivals and corporate events.”

Paul Martin, founder and CEO of tagSpace Pty Ltd said today:

“tagSpace makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create their own location-based mixed reality (MR) experiences that can take place in a space as small as their living room, as large as a stadium, or even across an entire city. -form tagSpace includes an MR Metaverse, MR authoring tools and an analytics suite.

To date, tagSpace has operated a SaaS B2B2C business model, but we will soon be opening up our platform so that anybody can create, share and monetize their creations.

This will unlock new revenue-generating opportunities for any person or business, which is why we are delighted to partner with SQID as a key investor with expertise in esports and fintech.

tagSpace Mixed Reality works by mixing computer graphics with a view of the real world – either through a smartphone camera or through special hardware such as holographic smart glasses.”

The ITO offers professional and sophisticated investors within sections 708(8) and s708(11) of the Companies Act 2001 exposure to the Metaverse, NFT, Cryptocurrency, Mixed Reality business segments.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of SQID Technologies Limited.

About SQID Technologies

SQID Technologies Limited SQID is an Australian company specializing in payment processing, investing and growing esports games. It provides merchant services and transaction processing to commercial merchants and e-commerce customers in the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) segments through its main partner platform (Merchant Warrior). The company also wholly owns ICON Esports (ICON), a leading esports and gaming organization in Australia and New Zealand, focused on the commercial landscape of the Pacific market through campaigns and marketing partnerships focused on the brand, nutritional supplements and merchandise aimed at their esports and gaming audiences.

About tagSpace

TagSpace Pty Ltd is a privately held, Australia-based software technology company that provides a “no-code” solution for users to create, share and monetize “mixed reality” (MR) experiences. Their patented proprietary platform provides MR experience creation tools along with navigation capabilities that allow users to “look through” their phone to see the real world mixed with virtual infographic objects.



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