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Tesla Cybertruck design stuns in first aero simulation test


The design of Tesla’s Cybertruck proved to be polarizing, some loved the design, while others hated its infographic-like structure.

Tesla Exposes Cybertruck Dividing Design

The intriguing design of Tesla Cybertruck surprised in the first independent simulation test of aerodynamic performance. It has an unofficial drag coefficient of 0.39.

The Cybertruck was a controversial design when it was introduced by Tesla. Some people had a deep affection for the design, while others had a fierce hatred of it. Both parties can agree that the structure is very unique; in fact, the actual photos of the electric pickup almost seem like the product of computer graphics.

There are several reasons for the innovative design. The main one is probably due to the fact that Tesla intends to build the truck with a stainless steel exoskeleton, which imposes certain restrictions on the design. Tesla took inspiration from the pickup truck design of cyberpunk science fiction, such as Blade Runner.

According to a recent search on the aerodynamic capabilities of the Tesla Cybertruck, its drag coefficient is now 0.39 Cd.

Aleix Lazaro Pratt, CFD engineer at Digital Systems, conducted research that was shared on LinkedIn using the organization’s aerodynamic modeling technology.

The engineer presented the advantages of the design based on his analysis, and he also recognized a lot of room for development.

The Cybertruck is expected to finally begin production in mid-2023 after multiple delays, and Tesla is expected to announce a production version of the vehicle soon.

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Tesla apparently won’t deliver Ceybertrucks to Australia, despite several reservations

Despite the fact that hundreds of Australian drivers had made advance reservations, Tesla reportedly decided not to bring the electric pickup there. However, at least one source is already disputing this claim, with Teslarati.com emphatically stating that “Cybertruck has NOT been canceled in Australia”.

What is certain is that Tesla will provide refunds to the thousands of Australian drivers who have made advance reservations for the electric pickup, backed by a $150 Australian deposit, if desired. There have been conflicting reports as to whether Tesla contacted reservation holders and offered refunds.

The automaker also changed the Cybertruck page on its Australian website, but left it standing. However, before users could schedule multiple appointments, the website now only allows one and provides a link to “Get Updates.”

No specific rationale was given, and Tesla often refuses media queries. However, new questions are being raised over plans for the Cybertruck, which has been continually postponed since its announcement more than three years ago that Tesla will truly halt Australian sales or only restrict new orders.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said the electric pickup won’t go into production until at least next year. Potential buyers may have to wait until 2024, according to analysts like AutoForecast Solution’s Sam Fiorani.

Musk said the company may stop taking new orders for its overdue cars. It can take 2-4 years to turn the 1.2 million bookings into sales. It also suggests Cybertruck’s future in Australia may be in jeopardy.

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