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The case of JT Daniels at quarterback for Georgia Football



Georgia is in the midst of what some might call a “quarterback controversy.” The Bulldogs have two starting caliber quarterbacks competing to win the Georgia start against Florida this weekend in Jacksonville.

If there was a “favorite” to take the job, many might consider red-shirted senior Stetson Bennett, who played in the absence of injured JT Daniels. Daniels entered the season as Georgia’s undisputed starting quarterback. However, Daniels’ status as Georgia’s answer to quarterback is now in question after two injuries to start the 2021 season.

Daniels has missed four of Georgia’s seven games so far. The last three games are due to a lateral muscle injury that bothered Daniels before playing a quarterback against Vanderbilt, according to Kirby Smart. Since then Bennett has been the guy from Georgia.

Recent injuries have put Daniels behind the eight ball as he tried to come back from injury and pick up where he left off as a Georgia starter. Stetson Bennett’s outstanding play across four games has now left many wondering if Bennett deserves to keep the job.

The arguments in favor of starting JT Daniels

As well as being named Georgia’s starter early in spring training during a radio appearance for Kirby Smart, Daniels’ case can be presented in a number of ways.

The age-old approach to this argument is the hypothetical question of “what if Georgia engages in a shootout?” Or “What if Georgia lost several points and couldn’t throw the ball?” Cincinnati was the last team to hold a touchdown or more ahead of Georgia in the 2021 Peach Bowl.

The Bearcats 21-10 in the third quarter of the Peach Bowl after the Bearcats interrupted a 79-yard touchdown on Cincy’s first practice after halftime. Then, with the Bulldogs 11 points behind, the game’s biggest lead, Georgia, turned to Daniels to bring them back.

Despite his worst performance in four games as a starter for Georgia last season, Daniels was able to help Georgia overcome an 11-point deficit in a game where the running game struggled to succeed.

The strength of arms and decision-making skills that Daniels brings to the Georgia offensive is undeniable. The junior quarterback brings a strong arm with a high football IQ to an offense that has lacked consistent passing play in the past.

Daniels’ 10.3 yards per attempt only makes the film stronger, as he’s a proven threat to get the upper hand over a defense in the passing game while still providing the ability for the line of scrimmage to take Georgia out of the way. a bad game and in a good game, similar to Jake Fromm.

What Daniels may lack in speed and mobility compared to Bennett, he makes up for in arm strength and experience when he’s lagging behind. With five games to go in the regular season, Georgia’s toughest clashes will take place in December and January, meaning those next five games are valuable to Daniels’ development as the Bulldogs prepare to reach their pre goals. -season.

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