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The indecent illustrations of Chinese cartoonists

The government of the People’s Republic of China has sanctioned those it finds responsible for “tragically ugly” illustrations that appeared in an elementary school math book.

In May 2022,

Photos of the footage have gone viral on Chinese social media. The related hashtags had been viewed more than 4 billion times on Monday and millions of comments were left under the posts.

The Guardian recently updated the story:

A months-long investigation by a Department for Education task force found the books were ‘not good looking’ and some of the illustrations were ‘quite ugly’ and did not ‘correctly reflect the sunny image of children Chinese”.

The associated hashtags have been viewed billions of times, embarrassing the Communist Party and education authorities who have announced a review of all textbooks “to ensure that textbooks adhere to good political direction and value orientation”.

Punishments include…

… the chairman of the publishing house, who has been given formal demerits, which may affect a party member’s status and future employment. The editor and head of the math department’s editorial office also received demerits and were removed from their positions.


… were “dealt with accordingly” but did not give details.

For those with a more lascivious curiosity Weibo (“Reporting Social trends in China”)
has a gallery of the offending illustrations.

The children depicted in the teaching materials have small drooping eyes and large foreheads. Some reviewers think their clothes also look weird and the overall design is just weird and “tragically ugly”.

Some images depicting little boys have also sparked controversy for allegedly showing a bulge in their pants. By adding girls sticking their tongues out, boys grabbing girls, an inverted Chinese flag, and a few depictions of children’s clothing in the colors of the American flag, many people think the books are not only ugly, but also have of “bad intentions”.