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These stylish cushions will transform your living room


Cushions are easy to love. They come in all shapes and sizes and make any seat in the home infinitely more comfortable and inviting. But for all of their versatility and functionality, these plush decorative items often blend into the background while other more showy pieces – your sofa, your artwork, your cool lamps – draw the most attention. Warning. If you want a living room or bedroom that looks effortlessly stylish, you should try a bolder approach, experts say. Set aside these snoozy neutral-toned cushions and opt for bright, playful designs that offer a vibrant personality.

“Mixing and matching a few different decorative pillows adds layer and texture to the rooms,” says Melison St. Claire, senior designer in New York City. Interior Marketing Group. Yet even the pros recognize, people can suffer from pillow paralysis and be confused about what patterns and colors to group together on a well-made sofa or couch, bench or bed. Sarah Storms Greenwald, interior designer and partner of SGBfact, says the key is to provide contrast in similar color palettes. “Try mixing a pillow that has a tight feel with one that has a looser design and one that is geometric but relatively minimal.” Finish with a pop of solid color to blend everything together, she recommends.

Interior decorator Kate gelfand follows her fashion instincts when it comes to pillow selection. “When decorating, people are drawn to the colors they would wear or have in their wardrobes,” she says. “Personally, I like modern abstract patterns that are tone-in-tone with just two or three colors.” Also vary how much you place in a room – go for odd groups of three or five rather than two or four (which may appear flat) – as well as sizes and shapes to add visual appeal, says St. Claire. Above all? Don’t overthink it. Unlike other decorating decisions, like, say, painting your walls or stuffing a slipper sofa, pillows can (and should!) Be refreshed every now and then to create a new look.

Here, 18 options you can easily mix and match a variety of striking prints, zipper patterns, and vibrant colors to instantly enhance the appeal of any room.

Graphic patterns

Color swirls

This mod velvet cushion has a Pop Art vibe with its blue and purple curls enhanced with fine mustard yellow ribbons, which creates an eye-catching effect.

Bold geometry

This plush pick features a vibrant block graphic print done in textured loop embroidery for a soft, comfy pillow that looks great on solid tones.

Fast zigzags

You can never go wrong with a Missoni print to spice up your pillow. This one features the iconic zigzag pattern of the Italian fashion house and has a down insert for a cozy place to rest your head.

Abstract designs

Contrasting colors

This pillow is like an art canvas on your sofa – each one is individually cut and sewn by hand and features a double-sided abstract print and faux down insert.

Cutting patterns

These geometrically contoured pillowcases are crafted with crewel embroidery on the front and a solid color on the back. Also nice: They’re made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, so they’re soft and comfortable to lean on.

Elegantly scribbled on

Blah Blah pillow cases by textile artist Leah Singh add a touch of whimsy and fun to any interior. This design is hand woven from wool and linen by Indian artisans.

Brilliant idea

Throw this rectangular pillow wherever you need a pop of electric color.

Sophisticated color blocking

Interior designer Kate Gelfand is a fan of this Kelly Wearstler designed pillowcase, which is made from linen and rich contrasting tones of apricot, blue, rust and teal.

Wild instincts

Animal house

Marcello Velho Embroidered Folk Song Pillow

Designed by graphic designer Marcello Velho, these cushions are made from cutouts and colorful collages to represent folk-tale-like animals that bring your space to life.

Swedish import

Cushion cover Svenskt Tenn Josef Frank Design Grona Falgar

This classic 1940s print, designed by Josef Frank and produced by Swedish interior design house Svenskt Tenn, features a vibrant, bird-strewn nature scene that is captivating and charming whether viewed at large. or on a small scale.

Bold botanicals

This is one of the most stunning prints by British textile designer William Morris, first designed in 1883. Its appeal has not faded over time and the pattern is particularly charming compared to other solid pillows that pick up similar blue and green tones.

Statement tapes

This zebra patterned pillow is made from dyed cowhide for a smooth, textured surface that really stands out from the simpler pillows in a bunch.

Impactful plaids

Touchingly soft

These 18 inch square pillows bring a modern touch to traditional checks and stripes and are made from a fluffy textured fabric that begs to be noticed in a room.

A not-so-square design

Designer Sarah Storms Greenwald recommends these rectangular plaid cushions hand-woven by the Brooklyn-based Archive New York-based textile company on traditional looms. This design has hints of ocher and burgundy woven into a classic plaid.

Pretty in pastels

These beautiful 100% merino lambswool covers are woven in a family-owned factory in England in vivid patterns and filled with down for a more than comfy effect.

Stunning solids

Wrapped in velvet

These well priced velor pillows come in a rainbow of colors and are wrinkle resistant, ensuring they can be comfortably squashed while looking great.

Hitting a rope

Shiny stripe corduroy pillow cover (set of 2)

Having pillows in a variety of textures adds depth and dimension to any group. These super soft flocked striped corduroy pillows are available in a multitude of shades to match any color you have in mind.

Make a full turn

Unique pillow shapes stand out in a sea of ​​squares and rectangles. This round pleated stunner is crafted from plush velvet and makes a chic boudoir accent on your living room sofa, kitchen bench, or bedroom style.

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