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Tijoh launches RSCHire


FRISCO, Texas, January 10, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Tijoh, a multidisciplinary holding company operating in the digital space, announced the launch of RSCHire, a platform providing restaurant brands with on-demand help desk team resources with handpicked talents, drawn from the most recognized concepts in the industry.

RSCHire is a web-based platform providing access to contractual resources to help restaurant brands create, grow and support their restaurant support centers. Whether for a project, part-time or full-time, catering brands are offered the same day a talent match with candidates carefully selected according to needs, compatibility and skills. RSCHire enables restaurant brands to have access to on-demand resources that help fill potential gaps in hiring and staff turnover to ensure that the restaurant help desk can continue to operate with a optimal efficiency, thus limiting potential disturbances.

“We have been fortunate to work with over 50 different brands in the food / milking / coffee space, many of which operate both nationally and globally, through 5 & 5, one of our main portfolio brands. What we have noticed is that, regardless of size, there are often difficult transitions with restaurant support centers, due to staff turnover or problems finding the right talent. We wanted to provide an alternative solution that was not a recruiting agency or additional job site. On the talent side of the equation, with the flexibility of the job that has changed dramatically over the past year, we also wanted to give people options to use RSCHire as a way to generate additional income or even as a full-time option ”, explains Johnathan chen, the chief strategist and co-founder of Tijoh.

Currently, RSCHire offers contract resources for the following roles: Implementation Manager, Offsite Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Loyalty Manager, Point of Sale Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Manager platform designer, creative manager, UI / UX designer, product designer, graphic designer and social media manager. RSCHire continues to add additional roles, as talent continues to be sought after.

“Our goal is to become an all-in-one resource for restaurant support centers. Although we have focused on both creative / marketing and digital / platform management in terms of our available roles, due to industry demands we are working on developing and recruiting talent that would allow us to expand our offers, be it R&D, HR, Operations or any other role required by restaurant support centers ”, states Johnathan chen, the chief strategist and co-founder of Tijoh.

To find out more, visit https://rschire.com. To recruit talent, go to https://rschire.com/hire-us/. To join the talent pool, go to https://rschire.com/join-our-talent-network/.

About Tijoh: Founded in 2020, Tijoh is a multidisciplinary holding company that develops businesses that thrive and innovate in the digital space. The main objective of the company is to be above all digital in everything it does. Tijoh currently owns and operates TwoPlayer, 5 & 5, balanwork, Design All Things, Auto Brander, United States by Kawaii and RSCHire. For more information on Tijoh, please visit https://www.tijoh.com/

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