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Undercover ‘Deliverista’, 72nd Streep Station, Block Association Head ‘shunned’ by neighbors



Posted on June 28, 2021 at 8:46 am by Carol Tannenhauser

There was a disco night at Lincoln Center, which celebrates the pride. Photo by Toby Tenenbaum.

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An Upper West Side experienced by itself the challenges of those who give us our daily bread. “I knew the delivery men were people who worked hard in a system that forces them to be fast if they have any hope of making a living… ”Richard Robbins wrote in Streetsblog. “But the current conflict has made me start thinking again about how economic necessity, rather than disregard of our traffic laws, determines the behavior of delivery people. When Manhattan Community Board 7 (he is a member of it) recently discussed the fundamental issue of bike deliveries being denied access to the washroom, I decided to join DoorDash to try to better understand the challenges facing delivery people.

The endless creativity of New Yorkers! Last week two found an ingenious way to wish Meryl Streep a happy 72nd birthday, TimeOut reported. New York-based artist Adrian Wilson (@plannedalism) and Matt Duncan (@graycement) added a “p” to signs inside the Upper West Side 72nd Street subway station early Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. reading “72nd Streep”. “

Joseph Bolanos, a well-known president of the block association UWS, was at the Capitol January 6, but did that deserve what happened to him – and his reputation – afterwards? “He was raided in February by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Task Force, handcuffed, exhibited and detained for three hours while his apartment was ransacked and all of his devices confiscated,” according to an opinion piece in the New York Post. “Four months later, he has not been charged and has not recovered his devices, but his neighbors are fleeing him, and he has had two strokes of stress. “It destroyed my reputation,” he says. ‘I am not a violent invader… I do not condone crime and violence on [Jan. 6] anything. ‘”

Residents of the Ellington Hotel, a shelter for women and children on 111st Street that is being closed (as we first reported here), expressed frustration at the lack of information on their upcoming move, reported City Limits . They were also hoping for better setups in future locations. “Privacy and boundaries were hard to come by in small units,” they agreed. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and kitchenette, but women share bunk beds with their children, including teenagers.

Fresh out of a feud with school administrators talk about pornography in health class, some parents at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory school, at 5 West 92nd Street, are now furious because they believe “critical race theory“Has been integrated into the program. They made a video to prove it, including “an email from school to parents announcing an” anti-racist “statement and audio of an alleged interview with a” diversity, equity and inclusion “(DCI) coach consulted by school Columbia Grammar & Prep is instituting DCI principal this week over parents’ objections – and is one of the last private schools in town to do so, a mother told the Post.

Graphic designer Milton Glaser, an Upper West Side, passed away on Saturday a year ago. “As New York emerges from a crisis, the logo he created in 1976, another difficult period for the city, is more relevant than ever. Here is a brief account of the birth of “I ❤️ NY”, according to the New York Times.

Finally, ignoring that UWS also serves as a movie set, a visitor had an encounter when her car broke down, reported in the Metropolitan Diary. “I decided to call a friend who could hopefully come and get me. I saw a green phone booth outside a bar on the corner of 78th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. As I picked up the receiver, I noticed that it was unusually large and heavy. It’s a very old phone, I thought to myself.



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