Use of Housing Loans for Turkish Citizens Living Abroad

Turkish citizens who live in any part of the world can use housing loans from our country. Demand evaluation is made according to the bank to be applied for housing loan and the country where the person lives.

The possibility of using a housing loan for people who are Turkish citizens and resident abroad varies a few, but the conditions vary by banks. While 80% of the appraisal value of each individual in our country can use housing loans, this rate varies between 50% – 70% for people living abroad. In this way, banks reduce their credit risk by reducing their risk ratios. By placing mortgages on credit housing, they reduce the credit risk further.

Documents Required for Credit


  • Expert appraisal report for the housing to be used for credit,
  • Turkish passport or Turkish identity card,
  • Certificate of income received from the country of residence,
  • 3-month bank summary and card statements,
  • Registration of the credit registry office in the country of residence,
  • Photocopies of the invoices belonging to the address of the country of residence,
  • The title deed belonging to the housing used for credit,
  • If married, the spouse consent
  • Additional collateral documents registered upon any.

Credit Lending Banks


The banks in the table are those that provide loans for Turkish citizens residing abroad. Banks offer payment options in TL and foreign currency. Applications can be made to these banks by using non-branch channels such as SMS, internet banking and telephone banking.

When using a housing loan; It will be given power of attorney to a person living in Turkey for loans help people to use credit coming to Turkey. This varies from bank to bank. Some banks consider it as a risk criterion. If the bank using credit is a bank where the person has worked before, it may be easier to use credit by considering the person’s payments and grade.

Credit and title deed transactions can be completed by a notary attorney through a proxy. The person using the credit for the transaction are not required to come to Turkey. Many banks do not offer conditions to come to our country. The loan usage varies according to the bank to be preferred.
Title deed costs are calculated as 4% of the value of the housing to be used on the loan. For example; For a house of 400,000 TL, the deed costs are 16,000 TL. If there is no objection, this cost is paid in half between the buyer and the seller.

The biggest problem faced by banks


After providing loans to people is the disruption of payments or non-payment. They have difficulty in foreclosure procedures for the resident’s residence. For this reason, banks are not obligatory for the borrowers, but they demand guarantor. Residential good credit rating, which in Turkey, a guarantor of high income status they demand.

Banks provide loans for Turkish citizens residing abroad as well as private housing projects. Those who want to benefit from these products, tax identification number, passport or Turkish identity card, residence easement or condominium title deed, residence address abroad, income certificate in the country of work, such as three-month credit card statement is required.

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