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Virtual learning has been a disaster for many Texas students


Many people faced real disruption to their daily lives and workplaces when the coronavirus pandemic began. Decisions have been made to close some businesses while allowing others to remain open.

Another decision that was made concerned our schools in Texas. During a pandemic, allow schools to continue to meet or send kids home and have teachers teach virtually. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents all needed to get to grips with virtual learning quickly.

After two years of interrupted schools and many students learning otherwise, the report card is back and it’s not very good.

According to Dallas Morning News, nearly four in ten Texas public school students failed state math exams. The Texas Education Agency released the results of the Texas State School Readiness Assessments, also known as the STAAR exam. What does that mean? This means that 800,000 Texas students are below grade level in math.

“That’s probably 800,000 more Texas math students who are significantly below grade this year due to COVID than normal years,” Education Commissioner Mike Morath said. “It’s important to remember that these are not numbers. They are children.

Test results show that more students fail to meet grade standards in almost all subjects and almost all grades with the greatest learning loss in math. This year, 37% of students failed math exams and 33% failed reading tests – an increase of 16% and 4% respectively from 2019 results.

The Dallas Morning News also reported that schools that had more students in virtual learning performed worse than those that had more children in class.

While some students may have appreciated being out of school during the pandemic, the evidence is pretty clear they needed to be in school and learning from teachers face to face.

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