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What the CV of one of the richest technicians in the world looked like in his Harvard days

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently shared his 48-year-old resume on a professional networking site LinkedIn. “Whether you’re a recent graduate or a college dropout, I’m sure your resume is much better than mine 48 years ago,” wrote one of the world’s richest men.
The resume shared by Gates predates the founding of software giant Microsoft. It’s from when he was in the first year of Harvard Middle School. He also listed the courses taken. These include: the structure of operating systems, database management, compiler construction, and computer graphics. He further indicates that he is an honorary student and that he obtained the grade “As” in all the subjects mentioned. The CV mentions Systems Analyst or System Programmer as an objective.

The shared experience includes a mix of computer languages ​​and technologies: PDP-10, PDF-8, PDF-11, PDP-1, CDC-6400, Burroughs 5500, Nova 1200, MCS-8008, FORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOL, BASIC, machine language for most of the above computers, LISP, JOSS, real-time power control systems, traffic flow analysis system, school planning and payroll.
The CV also mentions Gates approximately 9 months of professional experience with TRW Systems Group in Washington, from January to September 1973.
The regret of Bill Gates’ Harvard years
Incidentally, Gates is a college dropout. Gates dropped out of Harvard two years into college to start Microsoft with Paul G Allen. Many years later, speaking about his years at Harvard, Gates said there was one more thing he regretted about his years at Harvard. “Well, I wish I had been more outgoing,” Gates told Harvard students in April 2018.
“I wish I had known more people,” he said. “I was so interested in being good at classes and taking a lot of classes.”