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wTVision Provides Live Data Streaming and Graphics to ESPN LATAM | Infrastructure | News


wTVision and Mediapro provided a real-time graphics and data solution to the ESPN SportsCenter+ broadcast, including live stats from the world’s major football leagues, live updates on relevant events and automation of graphics.

The project, developed by wTVision and Mediapro Argentina for ESPN, is based on two prerequisites: the automation of broadcast graphics and the continuous integration of live data into SportsCenter+. ESPN needed an intuitive solution that could ensure automated insertion of data into attractive graphics that would attract viewers and sponsors.

wTVision designed a setup with Studio CG (On-Air Video and Graphics Controller) as the driving force behind a show’s production, where live updates and competition events from around the world are the focus.

Studio CG receives all data from the Stats Perform data center and, in combination with VIZ Engine, is able to generate streaming graphics with relevant sporting events. The data includes over 15 football leagues from around the world, with detailed stats such as shots, corners, ball possession, player performance, timelines, recent form, heatmaps and positions in the league. chart. The same solution is now ready to integrate data from other relevant sports, such as Formula 1 and tennis.

Jorge Kossowski, wTVision Account Manager, said, “Studio CG is the perfect product to build solutions like the one ESPN needed. Its flexibility and robust capabilities make it easy to integrate third-party data, adapt to our customers’ pre-existing workflows, and fully automate the operating process.

To ensure nothing goes unnoticed when it comes to automation, the SportsCenter+ production team is equipped with a Studio Core and content management site, web tools where recaps can be customized, graphics and data can be prioritized and fully automated. With this simple solution, wTVision has reduced the manual operation of the show and the time spent rearranging data and graphics during live broadcasts.

Moreover, to better develop and integrate these relevant stats during the long hour of SportsCenter+ broadcast, wTVision’s broadcast design team developed the creative package of all data containing charts. They have integrated the on-air graphics where the information is presented, keeping in mind the data-driven component of the show and customer identities.

Kossowski added: “Congratulations to our broadcast design team! The creatives behind the project really respected the identity of the show and developed this L-graphic in a super intuitive way, for a very limited space at the screen. Without this great look, the data integration would be much less impactful. Our sports expertise allowed us to have complete freedom and create a design completely in line with the sports covered by the show.